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Golf Lessons Santa Fe | Scott Sadler, PGA Professional

Golf Lessons Fanta Fe
Golf Lessons Santa Fe
Scott Sadler, Twilight at “Guindy”, The Gymkhana Golf Club, Chennai, India Golf Lessons Santa Fe

Golf Lessons Santa Fe Learn to Master Your Golf Game
with SCOTT SADLER PGA Class A Instructor
and Golf Psychology Instructor

Scott Sadler, PGA Class-A Instructor, teaches a series of body movements to create one complete in sync body motion– the golf swing! His ability to translate the complex mechanics of the golf swing creates a relaxed learning atmosphere encouraging natural body fluidity. Golf Lessons Santa Fe

Beginners will make ball contact and ball flight and experienced golfers will go from bogey to par.

Private Lessons

Maximize your golf experience with a private lesson with a resident pro. You’ll improve your skills 


 If you really want to lower your scores, the best place to start is one of our comprehensive short game packages

Playing lessons

Having a PGA Professional evaluate your on course performance can make a huge difference in improving your scores.

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